DN2500It is the intention of members of the Porirua Volunteer Fire Brigade to restore a 1966 Commer fire appliance that was originally stationed at Porirua Fire Station back to as close to its former glory as possible.

The appliance will be used to help promote fire safety in the Porirua area.

Purchased new in September 1966, this 1966 Commer Fire Truck named F82, was the pride of the Porirua Fleet. With a Q.X.V 180 Motor, Eaton differential on a VAKS chassis and a Gwynne 500gpm H/L pump.

In the first year the appliance attended 330 fire calls and covered 1208miles. From January 1968 to December 1971 the calls more than doubled to 686. The mileage nearly trippled to 3205 miles for 1971.

This resulted in numerous repairs and worn out engine components.

Eventually the engine was replaced with a GM 308 V8 Holden motor. This was found to be cheaper to fit than reconditioning the old motor.
Much of the work to fit the new motor was done by brigade workshops by brigade mechanics, including fabrication of parts to enable the fitting of the new parts to the old. Some smaller modifications were also made such as oil filling point and throttle linkages.

The motor was run in for 600miles and apart from the usual new engine teething problems all went well.

In fact the engine still runs to this day.

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